General Rules

Here you're going to find rules on how we operate as a MUSH. If you want rules that have to do with how we handle Changeling Stuff, go to House Rules.


5 characters to any one player, whether human or otherwise. Characters of one player can not belong to the same social classification, such as court or entitlement, and they also can not interact with one another. You may also not have more than one character in a leadership role (the exception to this is when you are the IC leader of a court AND the monarch for the season).

You may have your alts logged onto the game at the same time. We just ask that they do not interact with each other in order to circumvent conflict of interest problems.

Adult Content

We don't really care what happens behind closed doors between consenting adults. The website, however, is public and anybody can see it, so please keep the website content PG: no obscene, sexual, or otherwise adult content. Please respect this request, and if someone edits your pages to remove non-PG content, do not put it back or else you will not be allowed to further edit the website.


Applying is as simple as creating a character account on the game and using the automated character generator. You do not have to have your concept approved prior to char-gen, but if you feel a need to screen it with staff first then you are welcome to do so.

You can check out Chargen Guide for an overview of how NWOD chargen works, and Changeling in 10 Minutes if you're totally new to Changeling.


If you want to have a building which represents a place that your character owns ICly, then you need to have the Resources associated with footing such a place.

If you want to add a building to the city grid in order to contribute to places to RP in, catering to different character concepts or fun landmarks in Austin you want to share, you are welcome to do so without any requirements.

In order to have a building on grid, type in a +request that you would like a building and run us by a brief description of your concept. This is so that we can make sure you have an idea that we won't turn down on the basis that we already have a place like it on the grid, and that will prompt us to inform you that you will need to come up with some way to make your proposal unique. This way you won't be investing effort in a building that we tell you "no" on.

Handy dandy format for build requests: Hi! I would like to build a house/a business named "Best HouseBusiness Ever". I will need 2 rooms. The first room will be a giant ball-pit available to the public at a low, low cover charge of $5 a head. The second room will be where the circus ponies live. After I've finished describing it and it's been approved, I would like this to be linked in the University District. Thank you!

Once you've told us what you want and how many rooms you want dug for it, we'll @dig you the rooms in the Build Zone accordingly. The Build Zone is found in Player Resources (+ooc, PR, BZ). The room(s) will be @chowned to you for you to rename and describe. Take care that we generally want buildings to be represented by as few rooms as possible, so a room for every partition imagined within a structure is a little bit much. One to three rooms is what we want you to stay within. If you feel like you really need four or more, we can negotiate.

Staff will take care of the exit messages but you need to take care of the descriptions and the exit descriptions.


Social games can have social obstacles, which can be combated by responsible behavior such as direct, private discussion in a calm, adult manner. If you want advice, please don't hesitate to ask for it: type "+staff" to check out who is on staff.

We encourage players to provide feedback to other players and staff and to be direct with their concerns. We also encourage players and staff to respond responsibly to this feedback and provide an environment for their friends and peers where they can be comfortable with such discussion. In the end, we all have the common thread of being World Of Darkness fans and role players, so we should get along as players.


  • IC actions lead to IC consequences period.
  • Players MUST be given an OOC opportunity to respond to IC events.
  • A player is entitled to each and every single defensive roll described in the rule books.

This is not a consent game; we use the NWOD mechanics to be the impartial judge of what does and does not happen. The only exception is when a player is Soft-Approved (marked on +Who with a "~" sign), which means they are allowed to RP while staff processes their character generation job (anybody but Loyalists, Entitlement members, and group applications may be Soft-Approved). Because they are not officially approved yet, all actions and notes by Soft-Approved characters are only valid by the consent of the players they interact with.

Any player may object to IC events and ask for a do-over on the grounds of mechanics. They may not ask for a do-over on grounds of not knowing better about gameworld canon.

Scenes will not be revisited at all if it is reasonable that the scene would have ended the same way regardless of the error or if there has been RP such that multiple scenes would be affected.

Corrective Action

A disagreement or objection to something needs to be handled in a direct, adult manner in order to be as efficient as possible and let the game return to an enjoyable state. When you have a disagreement with someone and you, as a player or staffer, need to do something about it, please do the following:

  • Point out the behavior and why it is a problem.

** Ex.: Your OOC comments are disruptive and disrespectful.

  • Point out what effect this behavior has.

** Ex.: These rude interruptions are grinding the scene to a halt.

  • Point out the consequences for this behavior.

** Ex.: If you don't stop, then I'm dropping you from the scene.

  • Lastly, point out the behavior you want to see instead.

** Ex.: You need to withhold these comments or leave.

  • Document the instance (shoot staff a summary @mail, +request, etc.)

Pick a consequence you do intend to enforce. If your promise is empty, then your decision will have no impact. If you want help, don't hesitate to involve staff; escalate situations to RiloKiley or Chromeo. They are expected to act by the same provisions posted here.

The point of telling staff about the instance is so that if the behavior is habitual, we know about it and can address it. We won't approach or notify them unless you specifically request it (or the case is ongoing, extreme, etc.). Because of this, a summary of what happened is just as sufficient as a log (although we do prefer logs so please try to send them anyway).

Players whose recurrent poor behavior on record will disqualify them from consideration for staff-run plots and game benefits will be notified of this situation via +job (+jobs may be archived indefinitely and players can refer to their old, closed and archived jobs).


Chromeo is workin' on a badass Equipment code. But in the meantime, please ask for equipment through +request (Type +request Equipment - <Name> = <information>). Include the stats associated with this item, and if you feel it is appropriate, include the description. If you feel like there is good RP potential behind having or getting this item, also note that because otherwise we won't know. If possible, include the page number and name of the book someone can find it in.

Characters may purchase equipment and give it to another character, so long as they are not alts.

You have 5 x (your Resources score) 'dots' to spend on items a month. So, a Resources 1 character has 5 Resources dots to spend in one month. A Resources 5 character has 25. You can only purchase something if you meet or beat the item in question's Resources level. Those 5 Resources dots on the Resources 1 character can not go towards anything but Resources 1 items, but he can buy 5 items. That gives him enough for a weapon, a side-arm, armor, transportation, and an extra doohickey.

You only need notes for your Equipment if you intend to derive any mechanical benefit from it. Vehicles count as things you can derive mechanical benefits from. Items in your inventory for RP flavor do not need notes.


You are encouraged to provide feedback (including negative feedback) on how staff handled a corrective action or storytelling situation and also to provide constructive ideas on how we operate our game and enforce our policies.

Do NOT let another player or staffer intimidate you from enforcing the respectful and fun environment our game was made to provide. In the end, one individual getting their way at the expense of others is not worth the trouble, and if someone's going to argue about a game, it better not be for more than five minutes. If a staffer cannot handle negative feedback, then we need to find out sooner than later so we can find a replacement who can.

Idle Players

No player accounts are deleted if they get approved at some point. They are taken out of the active player roster after a month of inactivity.

Loyalists are removed after 14 days of inactivity.

Monarchs may be staff-controlled until the player returns after 14 days of inactivity.

Character Death And Permafrost

If your character dies, or you choose to permanently freeze your character, this character will be deleted after whatever comes first: 30 days, or you transfer the character's earned XP to another character. You may transfer all of your earned XP onto the new character. If you choose to do this you will not receive chargen XP or incentive XP, so pick whichever route is more beneficial to you.

OOC Masq

Staff does not enforce an OOC Masquerade. Neither are we going to go announcing things about your character to other players. In fact, we just aren't going to really care either way if you want to talk to other players about your character because that's your business. You should be aware that telling other players about your character does make it such that a player might know what to make their character look for in order to obtain that information ICly, but it's still yours to tell. Please, however, respect that other players may want their information private regardless of how you came about knowing it, so please do not indulge others in the particulars of other peoples' characters OOCly as a matter of courtesy.


You are encouraged to run PRPs. If you would like any sort of modifications to the grid to leave evidence of your PRPs to get passer-by interest (burnt buildings, police tape, strange carcasses, oh my) then feel free to +request it. If posting news articles ICly on the BBs is more your bag, then do it! If your plot's going to be far-reaching, you're welcome to do it, but please first bump up with staff to check in on what we're doing so that we don't have conflicting stories.


Players can combine dots in resources to jointly own property.


Starting XP

In character generation, you start with 35 XP to spend on your character to spend as you see fit.

Pose XP

Role playing with others gets you XP per post. You can earn up to 3 XP a week with pose XP. The amount of XP you get per post slowly diminishes over time so that after 500 XP you will need to use other systems as your source of XP income. If there is a new character in the scene (they have gained less than 20 XP), then the XP gain doubles for everyone in the scene. Pose XP with new characters is not subject to the weekly pose XP cap.

Vote XP

You can vote as many times as you like. You have 3 total XP to allocate a week with votes. Each recipient can receive up to 0.5 XP from your votes, meaning that you can give up to six people 0.5 XP. If you vote for more than six people in a week, then the XP will be evenly spread among players you voted for. If you voted for 30 people, then each person would get 0.1 XP. The vote system pays attention to who you habitually vote for so when you vote for someone new or someone you usually don't vote for, then the XP reward is doubled for the recipient and you get an equal amount of kickback XP, yourself.

Storytelling XP

Staffers can hand out XP to players for attending scenes.


If they send in a log (or post it to the wiki), players who run PRPs may assign XP to the players who participate in their plots (you can assign each participant up to 3 XP). You, the PRP runner, may also receive 0.5 XP per player your scene involved, to a maximum of 3 XP (6 players).

XP Floor

Starting July 1, 2015, for each month the game is active, the starting XP (35) will increase by 2 points per month. Characters already approved for play will not earn this XP. It only provides for starting characters to have a better chance to mechanically affect the story.

Website Content and Whitewolf Books

Do not post content on the Wiki which endorses or illustrates methods to obtain World of Darkness books illegally. If you want to add to the website's basic information about the WOD books, sure, but don't put links to places on here, please.

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