Austin's Keepers

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Mother Owl


Here is where Mother Owl's description will go, including temperament, personality, appearance and typical method of pulling new victims into Arcadia.

Preferred Victims: Those who enjoy outdoor activities or live close to the land; natives; hikers; campers; hunters

Resulting Seemings: Beasts foremost, occasionally Ogres or Darklings; rarely Wizened and never Fairest or Elementals.

Known Changelings: None

The Paymaster


Here is where the Paymaster's description will go, including temperament, personality, appearance and typical method of pulling new victims into Arcadia.

Preferred Victims: Lawmen and criminals; brawlers; gang members; patrol officers. Etc.

Resulting Seemings: Ogres foremost, occasionally Wizened or Beasts; rarely Fairest and never Darklings or Elementals.

Known Changelings:

The Jeweler


As near as anyone can remember, the Jeweler is about four inches high, and some sort of tiny, Thumbelina-esque socialite. Her name comes from the fact that she surrounds herself with 'jewelry'. That is to say, she steals people, turns them into gemstones, and then uses them to create her sprawling mansion, which is really just a pile of grotesque, wildly modified changeling bodies. She does not speak to her changelings, and those forced to spend a good deal of time in her proximity aren't even sure that she speaks English at all. Mostly, she talks to her cats, and her guests. Her cats are made of brambles. Her guests are just as awful as she is. As far as she's concerned, Changelings are to be seen and not heard—-admired for the architecture they can provide, and removed if they aren't close enough to 'inanimate'. She typically turns out elementals with strange secondary kiths.

Preferred Victims: Anyone who makes her angry, or who she finds aesthetically pleasing.

Resulting Seemings: Mostly elementals, occasionally ogres and wizened; Very rarely fairest and never darklings or beasts. All changelings coming from this keeper will have their miens informed in some way by gemstones. Thus her name.

Known Changelings: Claire, Carmen, Felicity, Jasper

The Soul of the Sea


Possessed of incredible prowess in rendering someone a small, frightened version of themselves, the Soul of the Sea is the worst-case scenario for someone who has a high self-image. The mighty are turned into toys for the amusement of others and his territory is a chain of islands populated with the processed works he places there to be hunted down for sport (for a fee) by other Gentry. Escapees are either gifted swimmers or were carried out by the Gentry who purchased them.

Preferred Victims: Anyone who was at risk for drowning or near a large waterway.

Resulting Seemings: Darklings are common, but some unlucky Fairest have resulted. Beasts are tied with Elementals for the remainder, with Wizened and Ogres being the least likely output.

Known Changelings: Harlan

Doctor Flagitious Rott


The Head Vivisectionist and Anatomist of the vile Laboratorium, Flagitious Rott is part Dr. Moreau, part Dr. Frankenstein, and all Fae, resembling a short, pale skinned, wiry academic wearing a suit and a stained lab coat. He is possessed of an amoral, cackling glee as he experiments on his many captured victims in sick, twisted ways. Some of those who don't come under the scalpel or the syringe are forced to become surgeons themselves (though even they will probably be experimented upon). Others serve as orderlies, nurses, janitors, or guards.

Preferred Victims: He tends to take wanderers and scholarly types. The abandoned second floor of the Austin State Hospital (formerly known as the State Lunatic Asylum) is rumored to be one of his known gateways. He also occasionally takes students from the various places of higher learning in the area, the older the college or university, the better.

Resulting Seemings: Dr. Rott's test subjects can end up as pretty much any type of Changeling, especially since the good Doctor takes requests from other Gentry for "made to order" creatures. But most of the creations are Wizened (many Chirurgeons), Ogres, and Darklings. He also loves to make and collect Beast Chimera.

Known Changelings: Yolanda

Keeper Name


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Preferred Victims: A brief description of the sorts of people they prefer to pull from the real world to serve them.

Resulting Seemings: Foremost Seeming, occasional Other and Other; rarely Other and never Other.

Known Changelings:

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