House Rules


Joining An Entitlement

Available Entitlements: We are willing to support all Entitlements.

  • Court Entitlement Limitations: The following Entitlements requiring Mantle are limited to whichever is higher at the time you apply: 2, or 1/3 of the total population of the Court it corresponds to, rounded up to the nearest even number. At least half of this quota is specifically reserved for new players. So if there are 15 people in the Spring Court, 6 of them can be in the Satrapy Of Pearls and up to 3 of those 6 can be alts of existing players who already have characters .
  • Other Entitlement Limitations: Entitlements without Court connections are limited to whichever is higher at the time you apply: 2, or 1/8th of the total Changeling population (per Entitlement), rounded up to the nearest even number. At least half of this quota is specifically reserved for new players. So, if there are 30 total Changelings on the game, then, per each Entitlement, there is room for 4 members. Up to 2 of those 4 spots can be alts of existing players. Members of Entitlement A do not detract from the quota for members of Entitlement B. So, if there are 30 total Changelings and already 4 of them are in The College Of Worms, you can't apply to College Of Worms but you can apply to anything else.

Getting an entitlement: Ask for it during chargen or by +request. You will have to meet the book requirements, both thematically and mechanically. If you wish to enter an entitlement after chargen, you must have a PC or NPC recruit you into the entitlement.

Keeping Entitlements

Keeping an entitlement: Entitlements are limited; their players need to use them or lose them. We quantify whether or not a character is playing their Entitlement with a player policing system: you just need to ask other players to +vouch for you. +Vouches are +Recommendations specifically in regards to a changeling's upholding of their Entitlement. If a player with an Entitlement doesn't get any +Vouches at all after 20 days, they will be warned that they are about to lose their Entitlement. If they don't get any +Vouches after 30 total days, they lose their Entitlement.

Example Actions for +Vouches:

  • Bishopric of Blackbirds: A low-clarity (5 or lower) changeling player states that you have helped them and/or collected a fee for said assistance.
  • Gilded Aspirants: Players say you take risks, do noble things, great things, and pull stunts; there are stories about your character doing something someone considered worth re-telling!
  • Scarecrow Ministry: There are posts that say you keep Urban Legends of Austin alive. Hopefully, you will be able to scare certain characters away from certain areas and situations.
  • Tolltaker Knighthood: Players report that you recovered or pursued evidence of some sort of wrong-doing.

Leaving Entitlements

Losing an entitlement: A Staffer will review the collected +vouch submissions at the end of the month. If something interfered with your RP schedule then you can always talk to staff since it's not like this should be a job, but it shouldn't be a handout, either, because you're getting free perks in exchange for playing an Entitlement. So then, if you have neglected your entitlement for that month, then you will be notified by a staffer and given two weeks to fill it. You can retroactively fill it out or you can RP a new scene, but you do this on your own time: staff does not require a log or referencing. Frankly, the only thing that matters is if your +vouch is filled! If your +vouch remains empty after a week, your entitlement and perks are removed and you are informed.

Regaining your entitlement: So long as your character fulfills the requirements necessary to join, you can always regain your character's Entitlement. Staff is going to assume you want back in automatically, so you needn't put in any +requests or @mails. Simply remember to RP according to your Entitlement, fulfill its expectations, and get other players to +vouch for you. When you are +Vouched for and it gets processed by staff, your Entitlement gets restored. Talk to staff about it if you want to or have any questions.

Removing your entitlement yourself: Because you are automatically reconsidered for an Entitlement once you fall out of it, you only need to send in a +request to staff if you want us to remove you from re-consideration for an entitlement.

Home Brewed Entitlements

You may submit made up Entitlements for staff approval if they have the same amount of thought and theme put into them as can be found in the original books.

Approved HR Entitlements


We support player-created freeholds in addition to our staff-run one. Players can run it as they see fit once they meet the basic requirements. The Monarch is responsible for communicating with staff to see to it that that freehold's needs are met.


  • Enough People: You need 8 Changelings. All members must be of the same court system (Directional, Seasonal, Daycycle)
  • Some Kind Of Hub: At least one of your 8 members should be able to provide some kind of place for y'all, such as to have meetings and keep stuff.
  • A Pledge: Submit your Pledge via +Request.

Beyond those provisions, players are responsible for figuring out how their own freeholds operate, since that's the point in the first place.

Player Monarchs

Players may be monarchs if they so wish. Monarch is chosen by a combination of the will of the Wyrd (Mantle + Wyrd) and the will of the Freehold (player voting). One week before each solstice, the players of a particular court will submit votes to the Staff, and these will be added to the various voted characters Mantle + Wyrd to form their total. The highest total takes the crown.

Staff may remove candidacy or the crown itself from players as a corrective action for consistently poor behavior. Staff also reserves the right to move the crown to whomever they wish as part of plots.

The Wyrd (staff) will select a new Monarch (usually out of the runner-up) if the current Monarch is OOCly unavailable for 14 days or more.

Goblin Markets

Player-Staffed Markets

Player-run Goblin markets may be built on Trods upon +request if there is enough space left over (6 Size dots per grid square) and one or more active players with the appropriate merit dots to be selling things (market stall). When you want to set up and join, you must create a Market Pledge, which each new character will have to enter in order to join. These pledges will have their terms drafted by players but ultimately decided by staff.

Players who are ICly members of player-run markets each have an equal vote in what the rules and details of that goblin market are, such as when and where it shows up and what specific things you can buy there, within the limitations set up by the below chart. A simple majority wins on voted-over topics.

The wares available without any extra effort at your Goblin Market depend on the average, earned XP of its members. If adding a member lowers your XP average into a lesser bracket, the items available become no longer available and ICly this is interpreted as a whim of the Wyrd which finds the new merchant somehow unfavorable.

The Size of a Goblin Market, when it comes to determining room left over for Hollows in the Trod, is determined by the PC member XP average as well. Please note that though you start with additional XP in character generation, it is set to 0 once you are approved.

PC Member XP Average Standard Items Available Size
0 - 15 XP Gewgaws, Goblin Contract surcharge or finder’s fee, Minor Hedgespun accessories (scarves, hats and the like), Goblin Market guides 1
16 - 30 XP Common goblin fruits and oddments, Most Hedgespun (• to ••), Lesser Goblin Contracts (• to ••), Local freehold guide, Untrained minor Slave (• to ••), Token (•) 2
31 - 60 XP Rare goblin fruits, Unusual Hedgespun (•••), Medial Goblin Contracts (•••), Untrained medial Slave (••• to ••••), Trained minor Slave (•), Local Hedge Guide, Token (••) 3
61 - 100 XP ••• Major Goblin Contracts (•••• to •••••), Untrained incredible Slave (•••••), Hedge guide to another freehold, Mentorship in standard Contracts, Token (•••) 4
101 - 200 XP Mentorship in unusual contracts, Deep Hedge guide or guide to the gates of Arcadia, Token (••••) 5
201 XP - 350 XP Mentorship in unusual contracts, Deep Hedge guide or guide to the gates of Arcadia, Token (••••) 5
351 - 500 XP Guide through Arcadia, Well-trained but unimpressive Slave (••), Token (•••••) 6
501+ XP Who seriously even gives a shit any more, y'all each have like 500 XP, go nuts. 6

You may unlock additional items with XP to specifically sell something. For instance, if you wanted to specifically sell a certain 3-dot Goblin Contract, but your market's XP average only lets you sell Lesser (1 and 2 dot) Goblin Contracts, you can specifically buy that specific 3-dot Goblin Contract as something to sell with your XP. This XP can be collectively spent. To do this, you send in a +request.

The amount of XP it costs to specifically add something to your Goblin Market's available inventory will be triple the cost of whatever XP it would take to purchase the item in question for personal use. With our 3-dot Goblin Contract as an example, which costs 9 XP for an individual to purchase, you would need to pay 27 XP to let your market sell it. If 3 players chip in 9 XP apiece, or 9 players chip in 3 XP apiece, et cetera, then the market can now begin to sell 3-dot Goblin Contracts.

When you make a Goblin Market, Staff will create an object used for organizing the information about what is available for players so that it passively reads the members' average XP and spits out an updated table of wares without staff intervention. Individually purchased items will be manually added by Staff.

Goblin Market Merits Post CG

If you want to join a player-run Goblin Market, +request to join it. Your +request will be CCed to the members, who will vote you in. If you get voted in, the XP it costs to do things such as set up a market stall or get wares will be paid to the current members of the goblin market. The XP will be evenly distributed across its members.

Current Markets

Big Darlene

Our starting Goblin Market is the HMS Darlene (a gigantic Centipede with a shanty-town on her back). Darlene arrives to town to 'park' during the Summer season, so she's around for 3 months out of the year at least. She also can arrive when there is active player interest in her, but since she is a traveling market by concept and player-built Goblin markets should also have the stage, she'll typically in Austin for no longer than 4 total months.

You may open a shop on her back and use all Goblin Markets merits if you want to be a merchant on Big Darlene. Doing so requires some interaction with staff to work out your IC relationship with Darlene's owner (Flinn, an NPC) and/or the merchants which you ICly involve yourself with (both NPC and PC).

Big Darlene will always be considered size 6 and be able to sell anything available on the game, but only for 3-4 months out of the year.


Hollows must be built on trods: This means there is limited space for Hollows but player involvement will make trods grow. You can also read this in the Rules section. Each trod has limited space for hollows (currently 6 points worth per grid square). This means that if you want to buy points in Hollow, the "real estate" available is limited without more adventuring in the Hedge to make more trods.

Hedge Spinning

So, we do Hedge Spinning like you read about in Rites of Spring. First, you will want to send in a +Request to tell staff what the hell you want. Next, you'll want to arrange for a scene. You can get a scene from Staff, or you can ask to CC a fellow player to run it for you as a PRP. In the latter case, staff will designate what successes/rolls need to be made and then set you cute little birdies free.


Being low on Glamour makes you lethargic and listless but also imperceptible to True Fae. Even in plain sight, True Fae get a -5 modifier when looking for you if you have low enough glamour (less than a quarter of maximum). On the flipside, being full of glamour makes the world a touch more fantastical as your character tends to have minor hallucinations brought on by having glamour at full capacity. For instance, perhaps your reflection talks to you or pictures move. As your Clarity lowers, your ability to differentiate between the real and the imagined deteriorates.

Social Stuff

Court Goodwill

If you would like Court Goodwill, you can purchase it, but it will be granted to you by the consent of the characters who belong to that court; when you request it in the XP room, a +job will be automatically generated and CCed to the appropriate players asking for their voucher. You need 20 percent of the population of that court for each dot of goodwill.


In the OOC lobby, there is an object called "Pledge Crafter." Only changelings can activate the Pledge crafter, but all character types can be included in a Pledge. You may create and customize one pledge at a time, and activate as many pledges as you have points in Wyrd + 1.

The Pledge Crafter is confidential. Using this object you can assign tasks, boons, and sanctions to each individual. The code expects you to put a writeup of what your selection means for the sake of those who would enter your pledge. People you add onto your work in progress pledge with the "+include" command can type "review pledges" and see your work in progress pledge.

Remember, storytellers can and will interpret your Pledge based off of your writeup. We trust you to police yourself and RP accordingly but you need to be specific or else willing to take the risks associated with being vague because Pledges are enforced by the Wyrd and not you or your intent. If you wish to ask for an official staff interpretation of the pledge's wording, you are perfectly entitled to ask for one via +request. If you have the Pledgesmith merit you are entitled to staff helping you craft a pledge that says what you intend it to.

Pledges made in this fashion require no staff approval. You can make a pledge and have it considered active the second everybody on board has consented and you activate it. There is no way to delete a pledge by player input; we wanna see what kind of use the Pledge Crafter gets first. Feel free to poke staff with a +request if you need a pledge removed.

You can make all sorts of pledges in this fashion but there are some restrictions. Decade long, generational, and eternal pledges are not available without staff approval. There is a ceiling of how complex each Pledge can be such that there are no pledges that are excessive. Basically, each person involved in a Pledge has to stay within 10 points (individually, not cumulatively). If the sum of the boons, tasks, sanctions, and the duration's absolute values exceeds ten, then that person's part of the pledge must be simplified. If you still need a pledge that is that complex, then you are free to have it, but you need to talk to staff about it, first. The ceiling might be raised from 10 points in the future depending on what kind of use the Pledge crafter sees.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Hedge Beast Companions, Automatons, And Mounts

Hedge beast companions, automatons, and mounts are represented by objects. You don't have to lug them around with you if you don't want to. They will, however, wander the grid if a player goes idle for more than 14 days, and cause some sort of IC trouble (and be up for reclaiming by whoever finds them if they send in a +request for it). If you see an un-monitored Automaton/Mount/Companion object, you are invited to wreak havoc as a self-ordained ST.

Forming Babbies

Changeling babbies don't get formed.

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