Character Generation Policies

Available Characters


Kiths Available

  • Beasts: Broadback, Chimera, Cleareyes, Coldscales, Coyote, Hunterheart, Nix, Riddleseeker, Roteater, Runnerswift, Skitterskulk, Steepscrambler, Swimmerskin, Truefriend, Venombite, and Windwing
  • Darklings: Antiquarian, Gravewight, Illes, Leechfinger, Lurker, Lurkglider, Mirrorskin, Moonborn, Nightsinger, Palewraith, Pishacha, Razorhand, Skogsra, Tunnelgrub, and Whisperwisp
  • Elementals: Airtouched, Apsaras, Ask-wee-da-eed, Blightbent, Di-cang, Fireheart, Levenquick, Manikin, Metalflesh, Sandharrowed, Snowskin, Waterborn, and Woodblood
  • Fairest: Bright One, Dancer, Draconic, Flamesiren, Flowering, Gandharva, Larcenist, Minstrel, Muse, Playmate, Polychromatic, Romancer, Shadowsoul, Succubus, Incubus, Telluric, Treasured, and Weisse Frau
  • Ogres: Bloodbrute, Corpsegrinder, Cyclopean, Daitya, Farwalker, Gargantuan, Gristlegrinder, Oni, Render, Stonebone, Troll, Water-Dweller, and Witchtooth
  • Wizened: Artist, Author, Brewer, Chateaine, Chirurgeon, Drudge, Fatemaker, Gameplayer, Gremlin, Inventor, Miner, Oracle, Pamarindo, Smith, Soldier, Thusser, and Woodwalker

Don't see what you want? Ask for it.

Courts Available

  • Available: Autumn, Dawn, Solstice, Dusk, Spring, Winter, Courtless, Moon, Summer, South, North, East, and West
  • Candidacy For Monarchy: The Courts that own Monarchy for a specific freehold are chosen from one of the sets of courts at the founding of the Freehold.

Entitlements Available

All Entitlements are available. You require the stats specified in the writeup of the Entitlement.

  • Home-Brewed Entitlements: Marshals Of The Brazen Star
  • Court Entitlement Limitations: The following Entitlements requiring Mantle are limited to whichever is higher at the time you apply: 2, or 1/3 of the total population of the Court it corresponds to, rounded up to the nearest even number. At least half of this quota is specifically reserved for new players. So if there are 15 people in the Spring Court, 6 of them can be in the Satrapy Of Pearls and up to 3 of those 6 can be alts of existing players who already have characters .
  • Other Entitlement Limitations: Entitlements without Court connections are limited to whichever is higher at the time you apply: 2, or 1/8th of the total Changeling population (per Entitlement), rounded up to the nearest even number. At least half of this quota is specifically reserved for new players. So, if there are 30 total Changelings on the game, then, per each Entitlement, there is room for 4 members. Up to 2 of those 4 spots can be alts of existing players. Members of Entitlement A do not detract from the quota for members of Entitlement B. So, if there are 30 total Changelings and already 4 of them are in The College Of Worms, you can't apply to College Of Worms but you can apply to anything else.

Mortal and Mortal+

Humans, Psychics and Thaumaturges

We allow plain-jane Humans, plus Psychics and Thaumaturges to shake things up.


You may apply Fae-Touched characters and you may turn your Mortal(+) into one of the Fae Touched if you so desire with information from our escapees page.


You can play fetches here. Do understand that they ARE prone to that whole being killed thing. You may not play your own Fetch.

Once approved, Changelings can type +bringiton and add their character bits to the List Of People Who Want A PC Fetch. This adds a new spot for someone to play a Fetch. In CG, you can pick Fetch as your race. Use +fetches to see a list of people who want a fetch. This way you can talk to them. After you get approved, which will involve the changeling-player's consent, you will be given some more information on the Changeling you are the fetch of.

Fetches are NOT subject to Soft Approval.

You can make the fetch's stats whatever on the sheet, but the life they're taking over comes completely from the PC's player.


Stat Setting

Character Generation works by following an on-screen set of prompts. You can log out of chargen at any time and your progress will be saved. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask staff or on the Public channel.

Through Character Generation, you will be asked to set all the relevant stats on your sheet, from your Skills to your Wyrd rating. The Character Generator will tell you when you make a mistake, or if you need to first buy something else as a pre-requisite, so you don't have to worry about constantly cross-referencing, knowing all the rules, or putting in a shitload of things into your +Job after puzzling over newsfiles and books for half a goddamn hour.

Starting XP

Characters start with 35 XP to spend as they see fit.

Written Portion

Here are the questions you will be asked at the end of Character Generation. You'll be using a +fill/<title>=<information>" command to tell us about your character.

All Characters

  • Concept: As short or long as you like, what is your character about?
  • Occupation: What does your character do, even if it's unemployment?
  • Goals: Do you have RP hooks you'd like to bring to ST attention?
  • History: A backstory.
  • Miscellany: Is there anything you'd like to add?


The following questions can be covered in the "History" section of your fill-out form. So long as they're addressed, it's all good.

  • Taken: When was your character taken and how did it happen?
  • Keeper: Information about your character's Keeper.
  • Durance: An overview of your character's Durance.
  • Escape: How and when did your character escape?
  • Entitlement: How your character gained their Entitlement if they have one.

Fae Touched

The following questions can be covered in the "History" section of your fill-out form. So long as they're addressed, it's all good.

  • Capture: What the hell happened, man?
  • Escape: How'd your character get out?
  • Impact: What mental impact does being Fae Touched have on your character?


The following questions can be covered in the "History" section of your fill-out form. So long as they're addressed, it's all good.

  • Supernatural: If you purchased Supernatural merits, how does your character feel about their place in this supernatural world?

Soft Approval

Unless your character concept falls under Exceptions (below), you may role play immediately after completing character generation and setting your descriptions because it is very unlikely (but still possible) that anything in your application will need to be changed (maybe added to, but not changed). If you don't feel like your concept is too "out there," slap stats on your sheet and jump on the grid. There will be a +Job open that prompts staff to give you starting XP and check your notes.

It is up to you whether you would like to role play immediately or wait until you get all of your notes and XP settled officially. Please do be aware that during this state of soft-approval, scenes you have had by the time staff processes your +Job do not protect any details or factors of your application, and the validity of your actions are by consent of your fellow RPers only. So, until you are officially approved, if you want to get into a fight with someone or whatever, you can, but not if they don't OOCly consent.

Soft Approved characters show up on the +who with the "~" indicator.

Note Setting And Soft Approval

Whatever information you'd like to set on your characer about specific traits can be achieved through the +notes code. We figure that you will be able to use common sense when it comes to what notes you should set in regards to the Merits that you have. If you forget something we'd like you to add to, failure to set up your notes properly doesn't get in the way of you being able to RP in Soft Approval mode. We'll let you know what you should add.

Exceptions to Soft Approval

We are not officially open yet so these exceptions are subject to change depending on the storyteller(s) that come on board and state their opinions. Currently:

  • Characters With Entitlements: We will want to talk to you to get you set up with your Entitlement.
  • Loyalists: see our information on Loyalists.
  • Fetches: You need to collaborate with a player in order to play their Fetch.
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