Contact Staff

In-Game Contact: Type "+staff" to see a list of connected staff and "+staff/all" to see a list of all staff members.
Email us: Feel free to send questions, logs, requests, etc. to moc.liamg|xum.xet#moc.liamg|xum.xet.

Join Staff!

A MUX can always use new input and more people who have time to contribute to the game. If you are interested in working with staff and joining in, then we'd love to have you send us a line.

The types of staffers we need are, by and large, storytellers. To be a storyteller you must have access to the World of Darkness core rulebook and be familiar with the mechanics therein. You don't have to be a walking canon encyclopedia or a number-crunching mechanics expert, you just need to be familiar with the book and know where in it you can go to get to the mechanics and information that you need to access in order to run your stories. You do not need prior experience as a staffer on other games, though if you do have it, then feel free to share the information.

Current Staff

  • Head Admin: Chromeo, Tiny Day Drinking Tejano
  • Coder: Chromeo, Tiny Day Drinking Tejano, Extra Nerdy Edition
  • Changeling Admin: RiloKiley, Manky Anger Demon Sushi Bass Fiend
  • Builder: DelRay, Super Awesome Construction Master
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