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Welcome to the Tex-Mux wiki, an online resource for the setting of a World of Darkness game. A MU* is a play-by-post game, or something like a text-based role playing game, but multi-player. You can connect to them with clients like Mushclient for Windows (and it will run on Wine). Atlantis will suit Macs well. VIP Mud is a good client for the visually impaired. Tex-MUX has options and commands for visually impaired players to relieve the tedium in map navigation and reading stat sheets. To play on TexMUX, connect to (tex-mux.mmlx.us port 1512).
  • Games Supported? Changeling: the Lost (Changelings and Faetouched) and Mortals: The Whatzihoozitz
  • Server Status? Under construction, seeking staff; we want to open June 21st. To email us, email moc.liamg|xum.xet#moc.liamg|xum.xet. We will take character applications between now and June 21st (log on to tex-mux.mmlx.us port 1512).
  • Game Goals? Promote a suspenseful and engaging RP environment using Changeling: the Lost to focus stories on paranoia and the paranormal. Austin, Texas is an eclectic city rich with urban legends to capitalize upon.
  • Character generation? We have a character generator utility. One only needs apply. No character concepts have to be screened, but there is a very typical application process.
  • Lookin' for staff? But of course.
  • Active hours? Staff is in the Central Time Zone. You should be able to expect staff online between 5:00 PM and 12:00 to 2:00 AM CST, especially in the evenings. We do hope to catch you when you sign on!
  • Approved Books (For PCs) So Far?
    • WOD Core Rulebook
    • All Changeling the Lost Books
    • Armory
    • Armory Reloaded
    • Dogs Of War

Game Culture

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We do not believe in preventative house rules when it comes to powers and things that might be "abused." Instead we believe in firm and respectful management and leadership by staff when things do become abused, and we take corrective action on that individual, not the playerbase as a whole. People who are disrespectful enough to abuse powers tend not to bother with rules and courtesy in the first place.

House Rules will be made here if they clarify original rules that don't make any damn sense, if they give consistent standards for things that the books don't give consistent standards for but players have found that they need said consistency to move forward, or if they give baseline standards on systems that the books usually just leave to be determined by the Storyteller of a tabletop.

That is it. There will not be "This Is More Fair In My Opinion" house rules no matter how broken some original mechanic is.

Players Are Storytellers

We want an environment where there's always something going on. We are a game with a metaplot and scheduled events by staff, however, anyone can story tell, dole out XP like a Staffer can at the end of PRPs (see our Rules section on that for specifics) and request changes to be made to the grid to leave evidence of their more consequential scenes.

The only difference between Staff and Player storytellers is that players may not decide what the Metaplot is and may not use the Gentry as their villains. We trust PRP runners to have common sense about what they shouldn't do: again, innocent until proven guilty. When some PRP runner makes some story about killing everyone in their sleep, we will just remove that player in specific particular's PRP privileges.

Accountable Staff

Chromeo did not just code an entire game to staff it with a bunch of pansies.

Staffers are expected to…

  • Confront OOC drama instead of crowd-pleasing the squeakiest wheel.
  • Confront players who abuse rules, rather than hide behind house rules.
  • Be able to receive negative feedback from players and fellow staffers like an adult.
  • Target completing +jobs within 3-5 days; players may report them for 1 of 3 Strikes if a +Job lays stagnant for 5+ days
  • Treat their players with respect. Staffers may be firm, but remain respectful.

Staffers will get immediately and permanently kicked off of staff if they…

  • Rage quit a +job, conversation, or plotline.
  • Weasel quit anything time-sensitive such as a plotline (weasel-quitting is making bullshit excuses like "my internet is bad, I haven't been able to sign on!" and thinking that you're foolin' while everybody knows your ass was playing on your alt on Kingsmouth the whole time, Heather).
  • Change the HRs/Policies without permission because nobody is gonna sneak in their damn pet HRs on my ass again.
  • Say anything that would get you fired if you said it to a customer in a retail store environment, like they need to "shut up," "stop whining," or "deal with it" in order to have the final say. Putting a smiley face at the end will not save them.

Staffers will get warned, then removed from staff if they …

  • Think that <insert dead cats, gluten allergies, heart attacks, and mother in laws here> is an excuse for being an asshole.
  • Let 3 or more +Jobs stagnate for 5+ days instead of delegating (waiting on the player is one thing, but the player waiting on you is no bueno).

If you would like to find out more about what standards Chromeo holds staff to, you should look at our Staff page.

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